Hair Cuts & Styles - Services

Basic Hair Cut - $28.00 and up

Clipper cut Clipper/Scissor Combination All cuts include shampoo.

Children's Cut - $23.00 and up

Cuts for kids under 12 years old.

Specialty Cut - $28.00 and up

Fades High and Tights Razor Cuts Scissor Only

Women's Design Cut - $40.00 and up

A cut designed for women's individual needs.


Salon Hours

Monday9am - 3pm
Tuesday9am - 3pm
Wednesday8am - 6pm
Thursday8am - 6pm
Friday8am - 6pm
Saturday8am - 6pm
Sunday8am - 6pm
Wendy is here at 8am 7 days a week all other staff 10 am every day.